Continuous technology improvement is constant goal of Elettroresin reached trough process and products innovation elaborated in collaboration with main Italian University and laboratories worldwide accreditated.

Elettroresin was founded in 1979 and reached a relevant position during last years in the electromechanical insulating components market.

From its foundation, operated by two electromechanical power distribution field mothers company, Elettroresin has developed know how in close collaboration with customers technical manager, as common effort to obtain complete satisfaction of end customer that means power distribution utilities all over the world; this policy of close collaboration allowed Elettroresin to acquire a position of right interface between customer and utilities.

Elettroresin production is based on automatic pressure gelation technique (APG) operated by clamping machines; due to high criticity and endurance of its products, Elettroresin operates with constant monitoring of all parameters ensuring final quality result of products.

Whole range of its products and the commercial presence, allow it to be a leader company in the domestic and international market in the resin components field for medium and low voltage.