Elettroresin was born in 1979 in Italy. Over the years, thanks to a forward-looking policy of close co-operation with partners, the company constantly has grown reaching a considerable position in the field of manufacturers of insulating elements for the electromechanical industry.

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Our mission is provide a wide range of insulating distribution components tailored upon client specifications

More than 40 years in the MV business

High Insulating Performance - Italian Producer of electrical components for MV distribution grid. Cast resin bushing and polymer bushing for indoor or outdoor, in gas, air and oil.

Founded in 1979 by partners connected to companies that were already active in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity since the 1950s

Based in Italy

50 countries worldwide reached

100% on time delivery compliance

How we do business

Compliance with commitments and reliability are our top priorites

Thanks to a forward-looking policy of close co-operation with customers the company has always aimed to achieve lasting relationships based on compliance of technical and commercial commitments and customer requirements.

We are active part of the social fabric of the community

We have always kept in mind the social role in our community by putting safeguarding the employment of our workers and the companies in our allied industries at the forefront of our goals.

Elettroresin means:

Knowhow & Skills

Full clients satisfaction

High insulating performance




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Elettroresin Global

We are a strategic partner for worldwide supply chain leaders

Today Elettroresin offers components for the distribution of energy all over the world in more that 50 countries and it is recognized by the main players in the field of electrical distribution equipment as an important partner in the supply chain in the global market for the production of medium and low voltage resin components.

Supported by a worldwide logistic service, Elettroresin offers international clients a full range of products and services tailored to their specific needs and under customer specific design. On time deliveries is our top priority.